Started by Pete and Brandy Nordstrom, both musicians, in 2012 after their infant son received life-saving treatment from the award-winning hospital, SMooCH and it's generous contributors have generated millions for uncompensated care.  

Pete, Co-President of Nordstrom, Inc., was amazed by the quality of care for all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. He and his wife Brandy saw the need to raise funds and awareness for the hospital's uncompensated care program.

Emmy’s Story

In April 2015, in a span of just three weeks, our spunky 2-year-old went from complaining of pain in her hip to barely being able to walk

Noah's Story

Diagnosed prenatally with a lymphatic malformation, our relationship with Seattle Children’s began before Noah was born

McKinley's Story

Although we knew McKinley was going to be born with some challenges, we didn’t know to what extent those challenges would be

Tally's Story

Tally's cardiology team at Children’s thought she might be able to avoid the open heart procedure by having a less invasive catheter procedure.

Uncompensated Care

In 2021 Seattle Children's provided more than $256 million in uncompensated care for patients and their families who needed it most. The generosity of the community helps make that happen. By contributing to uncompensated care, you allow parents to be at their child’s bedside in the hospital. You ease the financial burden of medical expenses for families throughout Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. You help medical experts treat children, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. It is because of you that Seattle Children’s is there for all families in medical crisis. Through our partnership with Seattle's founders of the indie music scene, Sub Pop Records and KEXP, and hosted by local fan favorite The Showbox, this unique event has raised more than $24 million for Uncompensated Care.

At Seattle Children’s, miracles happen every day. Because of you.