Layla: A Cancer Success Story

Layla Beckstrand was 18 months old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. The date was October 29, 2015. She has gone through the ringer with treatments: 68 sessions of chemotherapy, 38 blood and platelet transfusions, 2 stem-cell transplants, 120 sleepovers at Seattle Children’s Hospital, 12 days of radiation, countless scans, blood draws, and surgeries. Neuroblastoma is the most toxic cancer to cure and to keep at bay.

Layla is a success story for this cancer! She loves her older brother Owen, her parents Mike and Jessica, Captain America, and anything her brother loves! She has said “thank you” to nurses for placing her feeding tube correctly and said “sorry” to them when she didn’t throw up in her bag. Owen was there every day for her at the hospital. He would rub her head when she had fevers and treated her like a normal kid when she was feeling okay. Owen and Layla’s bond is beyond measurable, as is their smile, laughter, and love! We are so lucky to have her as a healthy, happy, normal little girl to grow beside her brother.

Thank you Seattle Children’s Hospital and those who support us!